Gas absorption heat pump

The Vicot gas absorption heat pump is a high efficiency gas-fired water chiller, which adopts R717 as the refrigerant, water as an absorbent and finned heat exchanger to extract low-grade heat from air, thus achieving a 1.8 times higher heat exchange efficiency.

Our gas absorption heat pump features both the advantages of gas boiler, such as eco-friendly and low energy consumption cost, and the advantages of an air source heat pump, like extraction of air, which is free of charge. Therefore, the pump perfectly combines these two heating methods. Additionally, the heat pump also adopts frost-free technology. Notably, the most attractive aspects of the Vicot gas absorption heat pump include low primary investment cost, low operating cost and low emission.

Our efficient heating unit is mainly installed in residential quarters, office buildings, schools, hotels and other places which require heating. As for our water heating unit, it is mainly adopted in schools, hotels, bath center and other places which require a substantial volume of hot water.